Are you getting enough peace and quiet each day?

Photo of someone enjoying some peace and quiet time by reading a book. Photo: PA

Photo of someone enjoying some peace and quiet time by reading a book. Photo: PA - Credit: PA

New research has found that people in East Anglia get less than an hour of peace and quiet a day, with the average person getting just 45 minutes.

The waking hours of East Anglian residents are plagued by everything from constant mobile phone alerts and barking dogs, to neighbours' leaf-blowers and teenagers listening to heavy metal on full blast.

This is according to the results of a survey carried out by British Gypsum to reveal our top 50 daily disturbances, which also found that the home was no refuge, but instead was the source of most of the problems.

The irritating sounds in the home included the constant churning of the washing machine, computer games and the TV droning away in another room.

Two in ten people said the only time they ever enjoyed complete silence was when they were in bed, but for an unfortunate 14pc a partner's snoring ruined any hope of calm at night.

Neighbours were also found to be a popular cause for concern, with 22pc of those polled across the region revealing they had been forced to move out of their home due to the amount of noise coming from next door.

In an attempt to find some peace and quiet 33pc of adults said they run a bath, while 32pc choose to bury their head in a good book and 14pc nip off to their bedroom to avoid their children, partner and pets.

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Here's a look at the top 50 daily disturbances faced in East Anglia:

1. Local dogs barking

2. Cars zooming past too quickly

3. Cars revving in the drive

4. Partner snoring

5. Car alarms

6. Doors slamming

7. Washing machine running

8. Car horns

9. The television blaring

10. Next door doing DIY

11. Building work close by

12. The neighbour's lawnmower

13. Telephones ringing

14. The alarm clock going off

15. House alarms

16. Sirens

17. Babies crying

18. Smart phones beeping with Facebook updates or text messages

19. Seagulls

20. Banging gates

21. Cats meowing

22. People making phone calls

23. Planes flying overhead

24. The children nagging you for something

25. Construction noises

26. Creaky floorboards

27. Someone vacuuming

28. The children shouting at each other

29. Children's television

30. Running around upstairs

31. Radio blaring

32. The kettle boiling

33. Clocks ticking

34. Coughing in the background

35. Squeaky door hinges

36. The dishwasher churning

37. Repetitive beeping or noises from children's toys

38. People chewing

39. Cutlery on a plate

40. Children's computer

41. The neighbour's leaf blowers

42. Teenagers listening to heavy metal

43. Blender whirring

44. Dog drinking water

45. Typing loudly

46. Squealing brakes on a bicycle

47. Pens tapping

48. Birds outside

49. The neighbours arguing or shouting

50. People talking in the street

• How much peace and quiet time do you think people should have each day? Tell us in the comments below.

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