Are students unprepared for university study? Let us know what you think

Many universities are laying on extra classes for new students amid concerns that undergraduates are unprepared for degree study, new research suggests.

It comes as education secretary Michael Gove said universities were set to have a far greater role in designing A-level programmes in the future.

Research by Cambridge Assessment warns too much teaching to the test in schools means many students start university struggling to write essays, build arguments, evaluate information and conduct research.

The findings show that more than half of lecturers think that undergraduates are unprepared for degree-level study.

Three fifths (or 60pc) said their universities were providing extra support classes for under-prepared first-year students, usually focusing on writing and independent learning.

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And nearly three quarters (72pc) of those questioned said they hadchanged their teaching styles for students who are not ready for university study.

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But what do you think? Are A-level courses preparing students for university study properly? Did you feel equipped with the right academic skills when beginning your degree? And what should be done about it?

Let us know by posting your comments below.

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