What is Aquascaping? All you need to know about the new craze sweeping the UK

Aquascaping of a freshwater aquarium. Photo: Getty Images

Aquascaping of a freshwater aquarium. Photo: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Have you heard of Aquascaping?

Aquascaping is a craft that started in Japan and is becoming increasingly popular in this country.

The hobby involves arranging aquatic plants, rocks, driftwood and other objects in an aquarium to build a natural environment – free of plastic objects – for fish to live in.

Many people say they find aquascaping therapeutic and a good way to relieve the stresses of busy modern life.

It is essentially a form of underwater gardening, and the design, structure, and scale of aquascapes can vary greatly.

Competitions for aquascaping have been running for several years now, with one of the most prestigious being the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest.

The nature based art requires patience and dedication for the best results, and once an aquascape is designed it will continue to grow and mature.

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The general advice is that beginners start with small tanks as it is easier to maintain the scape and prevent pollution taking over.

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