Appeal to help young Norwich City fan beat six-year battle with cancer

Iwan Clarke with his dog Charlie

Iwan Clarke with his dog Charlie - Credit: Archant

The family of a young Norwich City fan who has leukaemia is desperately trying to raise £200,000 to save his life.

Iwan Clarke, who is named after former Canaries striker Iwan Roberts, was diagnosed with the disease just weeks after his tenth birthday in 2009.

Since then, the 16-year-old has had to endure multiple bone marrow transplants and 'endless' rounds of chemotherapy to stop it from spreading.

But his options are running out and his family have been left with little choice but to look overseas for a more reliable treatment.

His father Richard, 43, of Rotherham, said: 'Iwan has not had the childhood that we would have hoped for him. He has hasn't been able to do certain things that other children can do, and he has missed the past three years of school.

'All the treatment he is having now is around keeping the disease under control. We have exhausted everything in the UK and there is no hope of finding a cure here.'

Iwan's family, who are all dedicated Norwich City fans despite living in Yorkshire, need to raise £200,000 to take him the Seattle Children's Hospital to undergo a four-month course of CAR T-Cell therapy. The treatment extracts a patient's T cells from their blood and trains them to recognise and kill cancer by modifying them. It is not yet available in the UK and the family has not been able to secure funding from the NHS.

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Mr Clarke said his son's leukaemia was discovered after he injured his wrist while roller skating at a party. It failed to heal, and a subsequent x-ray and blood test found he had the disease.

He said: 'My youngest son Sam was a donor for Iwan's first bone marrow transplant in March 2010 and we thought he had beaten it, because he was clear for two years. But just a few weeks after his two year anniversary, it came back.'

Despite the hardships Iwan has faced, he has still managed to pass his GCSEs this year, with several A and B grades.

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