Any old iron..? Thieves in high-vis jackets steal manhole covers in Cambridgeshire

Thieves in high-vis jackets stole manhole covers from a Cambridgeshire village.

Passers-by thought they were workmen as they carried out the theft in the High Street at Witcham, near Ely, on Monday night.

Insp Robin Sissons, of Cambridgeshire police, said: 'This was a brazen theft in a busy street and I would appeal to anyone who sees men removing manhole covers and not replacing them to contact police.

'Not only does this type of crime cause inconvenience to motorists and the local council, but there are also severe safety implications.

'A vehicle could sustain significant damage if it was to drive over one of these holes and there is also the danger of pedestrians falling into an uncovered manhole and injuring themselves.'