'Cold and desolate' - Anne Robinson's Countdown jibe at Norfolk

TV presenter Anne Robinson was at St Lawrence Church, Castle Rising, to judge the Norwich diocese he

Television presenter Anne Robinson pictured on a visit to Norfolk in 2010 - Credit: IAN BURT

As presenter of The Weakest Link, Anne Robinson earned herself a reputation for her acid tongue and harsh put-downs.

And it appears she is not planning on turning her back on this approach in the host's chair of Countdown either - as a Norfolk contestant learned.

On a recent episode of the words and numbers game, Ms Robinson turned her focus to Norfolk, comparing the county to a "cold and desolate" land.

At the start of Monday's programme Ms Robinson asked ice breaker questions to the two contestants.

When Ms Robinson focused on Norfolk contestant Sue they spoke about travelling.

Ms Robinson asked: "Where's the most exciting place you've been to?"

Contestant Sue replied: "Antarctica. It was absolutely fabulous."

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The host asked the contestant whether it was cold and desolate, to which Sue replied, "yes, although when I was there it was warmer in Antarctica than it was in the UK, which was very disappointing."

Ms Robinson responded: "Well, you're used to it, aren't you? Coming from Norfolk."

The contestant laughed it off and tried to protest that Norfolk was actually sunny, but the hard-boiled host had already moved on by beginning the first round.

Contestant Sue failed to topple her opponent, but at least she has sunny Norfolk to return to.