Wedding vows and Andy Warhol art: Weird items left in Norwich Travelodges

The scheme aimed to maintain Norfolk s historic link with the production of Colman s Mustard beyond

A garden sculpture made from jars of Colman's Mustard was among the bizarre items found by staff at Travelodge hotels in Norwich in 2020. - Credit: Antony Kelly

Everyone knows that feeling of leaving something behind in a hotel room.

It often doesn't matter how many checks of the room you make and how many times you go through a mental list of all your possessions, it will always be long after you check out when you realise what you've left behind and exactly where it is.

Often these will be everyday items – a pair of socks, or maybe even your wallet – but staff at Norwich's three Travelodge hotels have found some rather more unique items left behind in the last year.

Opening of the new Norwich Travelodge.Pictured: Outside of the new Travel LodgeFor: David Bale

Some interesting items were left behind at Travelodge hotels in Norwich in 2020. - Credit: Archant

Some will have held significant monetary or sentimental value, such as the Andy Warhol original print or the bottle containing sand from a Normandy beach left behind at one hotel in the Fine City.

A 40-year-old teddy bear called Paddy would also have meant a lot to its owner, while staff at one Norwich hotel discovered that someone had left their wedding vows in their room.

Other bizarre items discovered in Norwich Travelodge hotels in 2020 include a family of gnomes, a fresh flower arch, a Harrods Christmas jumper, a confidential sales pitch, a box of personalised face masks and a garden sculpture made from jars of Colman's Mustard.

Some of Sophie McKinna's face masks she has been making during lockdown

Lots of personalised face masks were found by staff at Norwich Travelodge hotels. - Credit: Submitted

Shakila Ahmed, of Travelodge, said the firm's hotels across the country had seen an increase in items being left behind by medical staff after staying open for key workers during lockdown.

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She said: "With millions of customers annually staying at our 563 UK hotels we do get a range of interesting items left behind. This year’s audit for our three Norwich hotels includes a 40-year-old teddy bear called Paddy, wedding vows, an original Andy Warhol print and a family of gnomes.

File photo dated 25/1/2013 of a man with a stethoscope around the neck. Private providers of out-of-

A rise in the number of medical professionals using Travelodge hotels during lockdown led to items like stethoscopes being left behind and found by staff at hotels in Norwich in 2020. - Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

"We have seen a rise in items being left behind by medical professionals. This includes a stethoscope, scrubs, crocs and a nurse’s personal diary documenting their experience of working through the pandemic plus lots of personalised face masks.

"When it comes to why so many of our customers forget their treasured items, it’s basically due to us all being time poor, juggling multiple tasks and being in a hurry to get from A to B. In the rush, valuable possessions are easily forgotten.”

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