And baby makes five! Family celebrating five generations after new arrival

David Thompson (middle/centre) is celebrating five generations of his family - on both sides.(L TO R

David Thompson (middle/centre) is celebrating five generations of his family - on both sides.(L TO R/ REAR) Christine Matthews, David Thompson, Michelle Thompson.(L TO R/ FRONT) Leonard Rumbold, Bethany Thompson with six week old Thomas Quinn and Charles Thompson.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

Retired postman David Thompson couldn't be happier with his family's latest delivery - bouncing baby boy Thomas.

The new addition, pictured in the arms of his mother Bethany Thompson, 22, and flanked by his great great grandfathers Charles Thompson, 90 and Leonard Rumbold, 88, completes five generations on both sides.

Bethany had to give up her university studies when she found out she was pregnant and is getting plenty of help from her family while her partner George Quinn is away training to be a submariner.

Next in line is her mother Michelle Thompson, 43, followed by her grandfather David Thompson, 64 and her great grandfather Charles.

The other line follows Thomas, Bethany and Michelle, her mother Christine Matthews, 63, and her father Leonard Rumbold.

Mr Thompson of Dolman Close, Cobholm, said his father Charles was particularly thrilled with the baby and even though he could barely see him he enjoyed a cuddle and talked of little else.

The family who all live near each other in the Great Yarmouth area and keep in regular contact met at Avery Lodge in Southtown Road where Charles lives, to pose for the five generations picture.

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It will be proudly added to the family album alongside another one taken 22 years ago when Bethany and her twin brother were born.

At that time Charles' mother was still alive making it five generations then as well. Mr Thompson said baby Thomas had a habit of sleeping most of the day and keeping his mother up for most of the night.

Few of the family had seen him with his eyes open since he was born and Bethany had been up since 2am on day of the photo shoot.

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