Ancient Egyptian tomb impresses visitors at Carleton Rode school

A south Norfolk primary school has brought ancient history to life by turning part of the building into an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb.

The former entrance porch of Carleton Rode Primary School, near Attleborough, has become a 4000-year-old burial chamber, complete with a sarcophagus containing a dummy mummy.

Pupils have been taking on the role of tour guides telling visitors, including parents and governors, about the burial rituals of the pharaohs, showing them canopic jars that the Egyptians used to preserve human organs and even warn of venomous snakes lurking in darkened corners.

The youngsters spent a week creating all the items for the tomb as part of their history studies where they pretended they were time travellers.

Teacher Sally Hatcher said pupils had 'thoroughly enjoyed' the hands-on project which had captured their youthful imaginations.

'We organised teams of scribes, embalmers, priests, architects and crafts people and they all had to research their roles so they could make the tomb as authentic as possible,' she said.