This Time with Alan Partridge: Twitter reacts to the return of Norwich’s favourite fictional broadcaster

This Time with Alan Partridge. Pic: Andy Seymour/BBC/PA Wire

This Time with Alan Partridge. Pic: Andy Seymour/BBC/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Norwich's own Alan Partridge has made his return to the BBC, but was it back of the net or more akin to Monkey Tennis?

Steve Coogan's character made his television comeback in his new series This Time With Alan Partridge, aired on BBC One tonight.

The show took the format of a mock-live half-hour current events programme, not a million miles removed from The One Show or Good Morning Britain.

Partridge presented the programme alongside his co-presenter Jennie Gresham (Susannah Fielding), covering topics such as seals ('I don't know whether to eat him up or wear him', hygiene (including how to enter and exit a toilet hands free), gambling and hacking.

Simon Denton (Time Key), Partridge's pal from his days on North Norfolk Digital, also made an appearance, struggling to get to grips with a touchscreen digiwall.

And there was also a return for the broadcaster's long-suffering personal assistant Lynn Benfield (Felicity Montagu).

The programme got something of a mixed reaction on social media.

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Ben Redpath tweeted: 'Alan Partridge miming how to use the loo without using your hands is possibly the funniest thing that I have ever seen.'

And Jack Kirby-Lowe said: 'Partridge's baleful cry of 'Granddad!' was so ridden with pathos, hilarity and excruciating embarrassment and that is the genius of the character.'

Siobhan Moore said: 'Been well over an hour and still giggling over Alice Clunt.'

But Paul Monaghan tweeted: 'What's happened with Alan Partridge? Prob besides David Brent the best and funniest TV character ever. This Time besides odd flashes of brilliance just seemed forced and lacking old Partridge.'

And James Dalby posted: 'Disappointed with Alan Partridge tonight. A few funny bits but sadly a lot of tumbleweeds, Hope next week is better.'

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