9/11 TEN YEARS ON: Memories of the day from social media users

Steve Dupas: I was flying to New Zealand at the time the planes hit, scary to see our plane divert round Pakistan and Afghanistan. Horrible memories.

Teresa Ramotar: I was just flying back from spain at the time it happened. It was weird as we never flew over London as usual and when we got to Norwich airport there were loads of security...even armed which you never really see there, It wasn't until we got home I realised what had happened...a very sad day.

Lyza Harris: I remember watching the horrific images at home, glued, it was totally unbelievable.

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Michelle Hoare: I was on my only holiday in about 12 years . . . in Mablethorpe!

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Zoe Hunter: My now ex husband phoned me at the office to tell me, I remember being laughed at and told I must have it wrong...not possible.

Victoria Bracewell: I can't believe it's been 10 years already. I sat at my nan's house thinking at first it was an accident. :(

Great Yarmouth Free Speech Zone: Over a million dead, two sovereign countries invaded and occupied and smashed to pieces over last ten years with every type of weapon including chemical and radiological weapons, Over $2 Trillion Dollars spent... And they found bin laden in the next country along, Pakistan a country Britain and America give hundreds of millions of pounds to every year in Aid.... Anti-Terror Laws and turning back the clock towards tyranny and oppressive state again, with our country and allie involved with illegal detension and torture of non citizens and even British passport holders which use to be a gaurantee of some basic human rights when you travel abroad...

Sally Newton Kuder: That day changed the world forever. I am originally from Gt. Yarmouth and have lived in the States for 40+ years. I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida, and was at work that day. A television was turned on and we all watched in disbelief. Just like everyone else, we at first thought it was an accident. It seemed very surreal. It's a way of life now to be on the alert for terrorists. So sad that young people have to live that way. Gone are the days of innocence.

Julia Formosa: I remember being in the office and hearing it on the news. Couldn't believe it as Xmas before I was walking through there

Nic Jay: I was at my father-in-law's funeral. Went two pub after and first thought I was watching a Bruce Willis film. Sad day for the world.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Like most people, I was watching it at home on TV in Whitley Bay. Switched off and thought it was a film done documentary style...me, along with everyone else on day off rushed into the newspaper office. The still pictures continue to haunt me.

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