83 photos of nights out in Norwich last weekend

22-23 July 2016. Flaunt, Norwich. Photo: Andy Hart

22-23 July 2016. Flaunt, Norwich. Photo: Andy Hart - Credit: Archant

Did you go out in Norwich last weekend? We've gone inside some of the city's hottest clubs and bars to see who's been out and about, see if you can spot yourself in our gallery below.

From cocktail bars to night clubs, Norwich is well known for its lively nightlife, and each weekend top local photographers capture the best parts of your night out.

On July 22 and 23, lots of you headed into the city to celebrate birthdays, hen parties, and dance the night away in places such as Mercy XS, Flaunt and Roccos.

Over the weekend, Flaunt hosted its weekly Girl Power Friday and Sassy Saturday events, while The Cabana Club at Mercy XS held a Kanye Fest, where guests celebrated the weird and wonderful world of Kanye West.

We've collected some of the great images that were taken at those events which showcase the fun you had and how fabulous you looked.

Browse our gallery and see if you can spot yourself or a familiar face, and don't forget to keep a look out each week for more photographs from these popular locations.

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