50 deer which escaped from Snettisham Park have been rounded up, four still at large

A stag at Snettisham Park. Picture: Ian Burt.

A stag at Snettisham Park. Picture: Ian Burt. - Credit: IAN BURT

A search is on for four escaped deer today after more than 50 of the aninmals escaped from a farm park.

Fifty of the Scottish red deer were found in a nearby field after the herd escaped from Snettisham Park last night.

Some 54 animals - 52 pregnant hinds and two stags - escaped after gales brought an oak tree crashing down on one of the fences of their enclosure.

Park owners Trevor and Colleen Walters spent the night searching for their animals.

'Last night we were looking at a disaster,' said Mr walters. 'But today is elation.

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'We had extreme anxiety as we were worried about the deer being shot or causing an accident.'

At first light this morning, Mr Walters and a team of people rallied round to search for the deer.

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After another farmer spotted them, they managed to gently coax the deer, who are tame, back to the park with bags of food.

Mr Walters is optimistic that the other four deer will be caught very soon.

He said: 'They have been spotted coming right near to the farm, it's just a question of guiding them through when they come back. I'm sure they will eventually pop in.'

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