Norfolk has gone football-mad for the Euros, but I for one haven’t been swept up in the frenzy.

England flags are draped from windows, offices empty out as kick-off beckons - but I am struggling to feel any national pride.

I have been to two football games in my life, the first at White Hart Lane and the second at Carrow Road. 

My dad is a Spurs fan and he took me and my sister to separate games as teens - I remember it being quite overwhelming and my mum wasn’t impressed when I recited some of the chants.

I have been to two football games in my life, one at Carrow RoadI have been to two football games in my life, one at Carrow Road (Image: Simon Finlay)

My experience at the Norwich game around five years ago in my early 20s was much better.

Though the delicious complimentary seabass dish I had beforehand in Delia’s Restaurant may have had something to do with it. 

I really don’t enjoy watching football on TV or live - give me a musical over Match of the Day any day.

As an aside, I wish people had the same passion for the arts as they do for ‘the beautiful game’, but that’s a problem to tackle another day. 

Football fans of the England men’s team have a reputation across Europe for hooliganism - much the same as stag dos.

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While this is a sweeping generalisation, as the vast majority of fans are perfectly behaved, there is some truth in it.

At a Norwich pub, a man was knocked out during a fight at the England vs Denmark match.

I have also seen on the news about fans throwing cups at manager Gareth Southgate. 

To be honest I blame some of the players, whose conduct on and off the pitch is questionable. 

They are paid millions of pounds and should set a better example to fans.

Police were called to a fight at a Norwich pub during the England vs Denmark gamePolice were called to a fight at a Norwich pub during the England vs Denmark game (Image: Submitted)

As well as this, my other main issue with men’s football is the disparity in pay vs the women’s team.

While I don’t watch the matches, I feel a sense of pride that the Lionesses are packing out stadiums.

They are playing Ireland at Carrow Road next week and it sold out months in advance. 



Yet, despite their huge successes the pay gap is huge.

Captain Leah Williamson recently said in an interview that she doesn’t earn enough to retire and is studying to become an accountant as a back-up plan.

Despite my issues with men’s football, there is one big plus to the Euros.

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Pubs are closing left, right and centre under the dark cloud of the cost of living crisis so it is great to see them packed out.

The Railway Tavern in Dereham has even erected a 200-seater stand outside - genius. 

Whether or not ‘it’s coming home’ I’m not fussed either way, but at least plenty of people will be raising a pint if so.