Two best friends are looking for a new home that can build their trust with people after a difficult start in life. 

Truffle and Taffy came into the care of Dog's Trust Snetterton as two underconfident girls seeking some loving new owners.

The pair of cocker spaniels would like someone who can be patient with them and work on building up a bond and trust.

Truffle the five-year-old spanielTruffle the five-year-old spaniel (Image: Dogs Trust)

Truffle is the older of the two at five and a half years old. She is a very worried girl but once she knows her owner she is more willing to have a good fuss.

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Taffy, the three-and-a-half-year-old spaniel, loves a sniff but due to her being hand-shy would need someone willing to be more patient and take the time to build her trust.

Taffy the three-year-old spanielTaffy the three-year-old spaniel (Image: Dogs Trust)

The pair have the potential to live with another dog as long as they are calm and confident.

They would like a family who is around most of the time but once they are fully settled they could be introduced to being left alone.