A replica of a classic cartoon car has sold for more than a thousand pounds at an auction in Norfolk.

The Flintmobile was made by a father for his son's prom before going under the hammer last week.

A spokesman for Anglia Car Auctions said: "It runs but will require foot-propulsion for any serious performance.

The Flintmobile went to auction in King's LynnThe Flintmobile went to auction in King's Lynn (Image: Anglia Car Auctions) "There's no documentation, not even a stone tablet with some rudimentary daubed paintings of dinosaurs on."

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The car comes with its very own pet Dino the dinosaur peaking through the back window.

A toy Dino poking out of the windowA toy Dino poking out of the window (Image: Anglia Car Auctions) Becoming a trademark of The Flintstones cartoon, the vehicle has been a staple in episodes since it was launched in the 1960s.

It became Fred's signature mode of transportation for his commute to Slate Rock and Gravel Company.

The cartoon car sold for £1,400 at Anglia Car Auctions in King's Lynn with all proceeds going to Samuel's Charity which supports children with serious or terminal diseases.