A housing development has been approved in a Norfolk village despite fears it could exacerbate problems with sewage and flooding.

Locals in Gayton, Pott Row and Grimston were hit hard this winter, with some people unable to use their toilets for prolonged periods due to sewer systems being backed up after heavy rain.

It is an issue that has plagued these low-lying communities for years and it prompted a backlash against KHM Builders' plans to build 15 homes on land north of Howard's Way, five of which will be affordable.

The site on land to the north of Howard's Way in GaytonThe site on land to the north of Howard's Way in Gayton (Image: Google)

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Many locals believe new housing developments have exacerbated the problems caused by the bad weather.

Speaking at a West Norfolk Council Planning Committee meeting, Peter Gidney of Gayton Parish Council described the situation they face, with tankers working "round the clock" to pump water out.

"The sewage system cannot cope. Building more homes will result in more flooding," he told councillors.

Eastern Daily Press: The Grimston sewage worksThe Grimston sewage works (Image: Gaywood River Revival)

Councillor Bal Anota, who represents the ward, said: "The housing development itself seems sensible and will fit in relatively well.

"But we need to hold Anglian Water to account to give better representation.

"These phased applications have an accumulative effect. If they think there is ample flow or capacity, well, speak to anyone in the room and they will say they don't think there is."

Eastern Daily Press: Anglian Water engineers at work in Grimston at the end of last yearAnglian Water engineers at work in Grimston at the end of last year (Image: Gaywood River Revival)

Councillors acknowledged there are major problems in these villages with sewage and drainage but also supported the benefits the development would bring.

It was proposed that additional conditions were enforced, suggesting strict mitigation measures to prevent groundwater and surface water from infiltrating the sewer system, which Anglian Water has blamed for the flooding issues the villages have faced.

Councillor Brian Long said: "There is an ongoing problem in Gayton so the site needs to wash its own face and not cause any more run-off from groundwater." 

It was approved unanimously, despite flooding fears.