Seventy former Ministry of Defence homes have been refurbished and are set to be put on the market.

The Worthing Fields development in Swanton Morley, near Dereham, consists of two and three-bedroom properties originally built for MoD families.

When they were no longer needed for this purpose, Annington breathed new life into them and gave them a light revamp to prepare them for sale.

These changes included elevating them to an Energy Performance Certificate C rating, enhancing loft insulation and freshly decorating interiors.

The homes are expected to be available for purchase from July 5 and prices are estimated to start at £170k.

The houses have been given a light refurbishment to prepare them for saleThe houses have been given a light refurbishment to prepare them for sale (Image: Annington)

Louise Saunders, Annington’s head of sales and marketing, said: "We are focused on reviving the existing housing supply to offer homes for local families and first-time homebuyers - all while avoiding the construction of new homes or encroaching on precious green space.

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“We are proud to transform the existing homes at Worthing Fields and their surroundings into an appealing and desirable place to live."

The military use of the Swanton Morley base - home to the 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards - is due to cease by the end of the decade.

Bradley Culmer, branch manager of William H Brown which will be selling the homes, added: “The east of England continues to attract homebuyers seeking a more relaxed pace of life, without compromising on the convenience of modern living.

"Swanton Morley is no exception: it is a pretty village, set on the edge of the Wensum river and surrounded by a patchwork of countryside.

"The village itself is home to a friendly community characterised by a deep sense of local pride, bolstered by its longstanding connection to the Armed Forces.

"Annington’s plan to bring the homes back to life at Worthing Fields will preserve Swanton Morley’s unique heritage, focusing on sustainable growth and development within an existing thriving community.”