A new whale sculpture has been vandalised just days before its grand reveal.

Harding's Pits Park in King's Lynn had plans to officially reveal its new aquatic artwork this weekend after it was installed around two weeks ago.

But organisers were left shocked when the rusted steel sculpture was left covered in graffiti.

The graffiti was sprayed onto the back of the tail The graffiti was sprayed on to the back of the tail (Image: Rob Archer) Volunteers sprung into action to help clear the paint and restore the whale to its former glory.

The sculpture has been left with some minor marks on its rusted exterior and it is hoped the rain will wash it away.

Police have launched an investigation into the vandalism and are appealing to the public for anyone who may have any information. 

The official unveiling of the sculpture, which pays homage to the mammals that suffered during the town's whaling past, is happening at 3pm on Saturday.

Anybody who saw anything is urged to contact police on 101 or via email at Amie.Hutchison@norfolk.police.uk quoting reference 36/40023/24.