A woman navigating a zebra crossing in Dereham on a mobility scooter was narrowly missed by a car which failed to stop.

Dashcam footage, captured by Craig Bill, shows the vehicle travelling towards the woman as she led her dog onto the busy crossing in Shipdham Road, close to the Rash's Green junction in Toftwood on June 1.

The driver sped past her, leaving only inches between her and the car.

Mr Bill said he was glad to have caught the incident on camera.

"I was returning home from a relative's in Toftwood with my son in the car," he explained. 

"The crossing was obscured by a car parked on the side of the road and oncoming traffic and the person crossing being on a scooter made it slightly more difficult to see.

"I saw the person waiting to cross late but I had time and space to comfortably stop, so I did so.

"I was horrified as I saw the car speeding from the other direction with what appeared to be no attempt to slow down.

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"They swerved very late and honked their horn in what came across in an angry manner.

"My only guess would be that they were distracted but we were just very glad it didn't come to a collision.

"Me and my son were both shocked - I always have my camera rolling so I was glad I could catch this."

The clip was obtained and shared to Facebook and YouTube by Norfolk Dash Cam this week, being met with outrage from both locals and viewers further afield.

One YouTube commenter responded: "Driver must have been distracted by phone or something - they had plenty of time to spot the mobility scooter and the crossing."

Another added: "Totally oblivious."