A man has been caught on CCTV spending 40 minutes defecating outside a Norfolk shop.

The mystery culprit, who has been dubbed the 'Diss Dumper', was filmed in the act outside the town's Little Movers camping and outdoor shop.

His disgusting deposit was discovered by staff, just to the right of the main gate, when they arrived at work in the morning.

They checked the company's motion-triggered camera system and found that the footage showed the man defecating for an astonishing total of 40 minutes.

The firm posted a message on its Facebook page saying: "We're Little Movers, not Little Poopers.

Eastern Daily Press: The mystery man was caught defecating on the shops CCTVThe mystery man was caught defecating on the shops CCTV (Image: Little Movers)

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"We have you on camera in all your glory. We await your letter of apology.

"For future reference we stock plenty of loo rolls, toilets and even a toilet tent where you can do your business without CCTV coverage, you just have to wait until we open at 9am"

Harry Eves, the Station Road store manager, said: "If he sees the post we just hope he thinks twice before doing it again."

The incident happened early on Thursday morning last week and Mr Eves speculated the man could have been an early morning train passenger.

Eastern Daily Press: The man was caught on the shops CCTVThe man was caught on the shops CCTV (Image: Little Movers)

The shop is near Diss station and the man was spotted on CCTV shortly after the first train from Norwich arrived, at 5.15am.

Mr Eves added: "Our CCTV is motion-triggered so we managed to catch the chap for 40 minutes before he left at around 6.20am."

"My colleague was the one that found the poo by the gate in the morning. They missed it first as it had a couple of tissues stuck to it.

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"But sadly the job of cleaning it up was delegated to me."

Armed with some gloves and a shovel, Mr Eves disposed of the deposit in a nearby portable toilet.

"The rain probably didn't help," he added.

Although public defecation is illegal the shop chose not to report the incident to the police and remained open as usual.