There will be police convoys on major roads in Norfolk this month as four abnormal loads are transported through the county. 

Over the next three days, police will help escort three 100-tonne cable drums from Lincolnshire to the Orsted site near Oulton.

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On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, two police units will escort the loads via the A14 and then on to the A11, A134, A1122, A134, A10, Queen Elizabeth Way, A148, B1149 and local roads to the site.

At 8am on June 30, police will help transport two transformers from King’s Lynn Docks to the Norwich Main Substation in Dunston.

The 269-tonne load will be 58m long and 5.25m wide and will travel via local roads, Crossbank Road, A1078, Grimston Road, Queen Elizabeth Way, Constitution Hill, A47 and A140, before finishing the journey on local roads to the site.