A stolen Porsche found in a city car park was among four seized in just one day.

The electric Porsche Panamera, from Surrey, was spotted entering the county at 1pm on Sunday.

Following an hour-long search, the sports car worth £82,000 was traced to a Norwich car park.

Police waited for the suspect to return to the motor where he was arrested and taken back to Surrey.

The second theft happened following a burglary, at 3pm the same afternoon.

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A high-value Audi RS5 coupe was stolen from a victim's driveway in Harleston.

Police blocked surrounding roads causing a brief chase before the thieves abandoned the vehicle and ran away.

CCTV found the suspects heading towards Bury St Edmunds. 

After a search the car was tracked down and all four people in the car were arrested.

The suspects were also found to travel to the scene of the theft in a separate stolen Ford Focus ST from Essex - which was later seized.

One of the occupants, Danny Johnson, aged 24 and of no fixed address, was subsequently charged with escape from lawful custody.

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He appeared at Ipswich Magistrates Court on Tuesday and has been remanded into custody ahead of his next court appearance on June 25 at Ipswich Crown Court.

The three other people in the car have been released on bail until August 9.

In the final incident at 3.36pm, a stolen Nissan Navara was spotted on the A140 towards Suffolk.

The car, originally stolen in York and sold on, was intercepted and seized.

Police are continuing enquiries to return the four cars to their owners.