A call has been made for Victorian jails, such as Norwich Prison, to be closed down as a solution to run-down infrastructure.

Elisabeth Davies, chairwoman of the Independent Monitoring Boards - which monitor the welfare of prisoners - was asked whether Victorian jails should be shut as a way of solving issues with prison infrastructure.

Ms Davies, who leads the voluntary board under the Ministry of Justice, said: "I think the quick answer is yes. Victorian prisons should be closed."

She qualified her answer, adding: "But I don’t think the problem with infrastructure is limited to Victorian jails at all.

"Infrastructure goes beyond that issue to a considerable degree."

Ms Davies did not specify what would be done with inmates at the Victorian prisons she said should be shut.

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Along with HMP Norwich, which opened in 1887 on the site of the old Britannia Barracks, other Victorian prisons include Leeds, Pentonville, Liverpool, Leicester, Lewes, Exeter, Bristol and Wandsworth.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "We are delivering an additional 20,000 modern prison places – including opening two new prisons in two years – to help rehabilitate offenders and keep our streets safe."