The Conservatives have lost another Norfolk council member just weeks after having been dealt a gloomy set of election results. 

Tina Kiddell, who represents Watton at Breckland Council, has defected from the party to sit as an independent after becoming "disillusioned" by the Tories. 

While this will mean little for the Conservative Party's large majority on the council - with 30 members remaining - it follows other significant losses for the group on a local and national level.

The Tories suffered defeats across the county at the local elections, notably losing their majority on South Norfolk Council for the first time since 2007

Ms Kiddell, who lives in Watton, said she thought the party had "lost touch with reality".

She added: "I've become disillusioned with the Conservative group. On a local level, political games are getting in the way and it's all about point scoring - I felt like the odd one out in the playground.

"I don't want to be told what to say or how to vote. I'm not going to be a ventriloquist dummy."

Eastern Daily Press: Councillor Tina KiddellCouncillor Tina Kiddell (Image: Tina Kiddell)

The Breckland Council by-election last month saw Robin Hunter-Clarke, the Conservative candidate, elected in Hermitage ward - which was previously held by the Liberal Democrats.

Ms Kiddell, who has represented the Conservative group on the council since her election in 2019, will now sit with the Independent and Green Group, led by Roger Atterwill. 

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Eastern Daily Press: Ms Kiddell represents Watton, near SwaffhamMs Kiddell represents Watton, near Swaffham (Image: Graham Corney)

Announcing the news on Facebook, she said: "I wanted to let you all know personally before you hear it second hand - today I crossed the floor at Breckland Council.

"I fought with my conscience for a long time. In all honesty, I could not put my name to a party that has lost touch with the people, locally and nationally.

"I deeply apologise to anyone that voted for me because of my party. But rest assured that I will now be able to beat the Watton drum harder and louder without the constraints of political games."