Eastern Daily Press: Changing times. Sydney Charles Mutton, Reedham coal merchant. The early years with his horse andJoin us on a journey back in time to meet the people who lived and worked in two Norfolk communities in days gone by.

One of our most prolific authors, Sheila Hutchinson, has produced some wonderful books over many years. The trouble is…they keep disappearing off the shelves.

The reason being people love them. The rare family photographs and the vivid memories are special and Sheila makes sure people tell own stories in their own words.

Berney Arms “gal” Sheila, and her husband Paul, have produced more than a dozen very special books looking at life in various Norfolk villages and towns over the years.


Now two of them have been reprinted and are back in the shops this week.

Eastern Daily Press: Barney Arms boys... Henry 'Yoiton' Hewitt and his son Stanley Hewitt in 1959

Berney Arms Remembered and Reedham Memories which have been out of print for several years and people kept asking for them.

They, and the rest of the dozen or so books Sheila has written since 2000, capture the way people lived and how they made a living many years ago. They tell their tales and share their photographs.

Today we live in a very different world. Is it a better one? You can judge for yourself by reading the memories.

As a baby Sheila lived at Raven Hall, Langley Marshes, on The Island opposite Berney Arms, for about a year around 1947 and then moved to No 1 Cottage, Berney Arms with her mum and dad Ellen and Joseph Williams, sister Maureen and brother Derek.

They lived there until 1963 when they moved to Cobholm, Great Yarmouth. “We were one of the last families living in the cottages at Berney Arms before they were pulled down,” she said.

Eastern Daily Press: Berney Arms Remembered. By Sheila Hutchinson. Back in the shops.

As no-one else had written a book about this unique part of Norfolk she thought she would give it a go….packed with memories and photographs it soon sold out.

Berney Arms Past & Present appeared and now a follow-up Berney Arms Remembered, published in 2003, along with Reedham Memories, from 2007, are back in the shops.

They are on sale at £10 each in Yare Books, Great Yarmouth, City Books, Norwich, and at Beccles Books.

Eastern Daily Press: Reedham Memories, back in the shops this week

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