Emergency services were called to a Norfolk village last night after a car crashed into a pub.

Police, ambulance and fire crews were sent to the Wortwell Bell, just off the A143 in between Bungay and Harleston, at around 11.30pm on Friday.

They had received reports of a car crashing into the front of the venue which still had some people inside.

Eastern Daily Press: The crash happened at around 11.30pmThe crash happened at around 11.30pm (Image: Simon Leggett)

The fire service freed the people inside the car and paramedics worked to treat them.

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Lua Leggett, the Wortwell parish clerk, said she was a first responder who arrived to help before emergency services made it to the scene.

Eastern Daily Press: Ambulance, fire and police crews spent hours at the sceneAmbulance, fire and police crews spent hours at the scene (Image: Simon Leggett)

"I was in bed when a really loud bang woke me," she recalled.

"I was out in literally a minute because I knew instantly from the sound that it must have been a car hitting a building.

"It was almost closing time so there weren't too many people left inside but there were a few people sitting on benches and one person who was walking out of the front door at the time - they all just had to run for cover before the porch collapsed."

Eastern Daily Press: Parish councillor Lua Leggett was one of the first on sceneParish councillor Lua Leggett was one of the first on scene (Image: Simon Leggett)

"Police, fire and ambulance were here all night recovering things and cleaning up," Mrs Leggett said.

"The landlord Paul has been absolutely brilliant - he really took control and he's even hoping to open this evening."

The current extent of any injuries is unknown but Norfolk Police and the East of England Ambulance Service have been contacted for comment.