A  faux pas has left a Conservative MP in a spot of bother after a Labour-supporting farmer appeared on promotional material for the politician. 

Ali Cargill, a regenerative farmer based in Gimingham, appeared on the flyer posted through homes in north Norfolk, despite Duncan Baker knowing about his political leanings.

The incident has left him bemused at "unexpectedly" appearing on the flyer and he has since received an apology from the Tory MP.

Eastern Daily Press: The flyer that was posted through people's doors in north Norfolk, promoting Duncan BakerThe flyer that was posted through people's doors in north Norfolk, promoting Duncan Baker (Image: Ali Cargill)

Mr Baker has since said he "didn't give a second's thought" to his views before using the picture, which was taken during a meeting he had with Mr Cargill to discuss modern farming practices.

Mr Cargill said: "The image was taken during a farm visit where I grilled Mr Baker on such enjoyable subjects as sewage in our waterways and the disastrous UK trade deals.

"He was accompanied by the illustrious novelist and farmer Fiona Neill, chef Tom Gurney and a delegation from Lloyds Bank, who observed my belted Galloway cattle and the regenerative farming practices taking place here at Gimingham.

"The photo he chose, I noticed, was not the one of me wagging my finger at him, but merely pointing."

Eastern Daily Press: Ali Cargill is a regenerative farmer based in GiminghamAli Cargill is a regenerative farmer based in Gimingham (Image: Newsquest)

With a general election looming, leaflets from political parties are being pushed through letterboxes across the county in an effort to woo would-be voters.

But these flyers have been landing people in trouble. 

One leaflet shared in Norwich led to a row of such extremes that police were called in to investigate.

Mr Cargill, who has been a paying member of the Labour Party for several years, added that despite the mix-up, he thinks Mr Baker is "doing good things for the community" but would have liked to have been spoken to before it was printed.

Eastern Daily Press: Duncan Baker, Conservative MP for North NorfolkDuncan Baker, Conservative MP for North Norfolk (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Baker apologised and has promised not to use the image again and said he understood that Mr Cargill had given his permission for his photo to be taken during the visit.