A city school is pressing ahead with the closure of its nursery - despite the pleas of parents and campaigners.

A consultation into the touted closure of Tuckswood Nursery earlier this year was met with protests from parents and a petition signed more than 200 times.

However, the Broad Horizons Education Trust, which runs the site, has now confirmed that unless to Department of Education blocks the move, the closure will go ahead.

Concerns were raised over access to school-associated nurseries in the area when the proposals were first made - with some parents going as far as threatening to remove their children from the main school in response.

But Don Evans, the trust's chief executive, said declining demand and birth rates had rendered the site unviable.

He said: "Nothing came up through the consultation that would substantively improve its longer-term viability.

"However, within the responses we received, there was a request for us to consider amalgamating the reception and nursery classes for the next academic year - to avoid parents with children who currently access the nursery having to make alternative arrangements.

"We are keen to support that proposal."

Eastern Daily Press: Don Evans, currently CEO at Boudica Schools Trust, has also been appointed part time interim CEO of neighbouring The Yare Education Trust.

This arrangement would mean children currently at the nursery, but not due to start main school until September 2025, would join the Reception class on the days they would ordinarily have attended nursery.

Mr Evans, added that the trust would consider re-opening the nursery in future if demand for places increases.

Sarah Cook, one of the parents who campaigned against the closure, said the decision was "incredibly sad".

She said: "We tried our best to fight for the nursery and the children, but I really think the trust will regret this decision.

"Having nursery children joining Reception could be disruptive and this just feels like the trust cost-cutting to me."