A couple who has run a Norfolk Broads pub for 16 years hopes to pull their final pints this year.

The White Horse in Chedgrave, near Loddon, has been in the hands of Simon and Karen Peck since 2008 - but they have announced that they have put the venue on the market.

The pair will stay on until they find a "suitable replacement" who can do the job justice.

"Sixteen years is a long while for someone to do the same thing," Mr Peck said.

Eastern Daily Press: Since 2008, the couple have created a community-focused pubSince 2008, the couple have created a community-focused pub (Image: Google)

"The leasehold at the pub has a further six and a half years to run and I have come to the conclusion that the task of completing this leasehold would be better served by someone else."

He said if all went to plan they would hand the keys over by Christmas.

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"When I started out I was a young man who was full of energy," Mr Peck said.

"I lost my mum six months ago and some friends have passed in recent years - it just hammers home my age.

"I've realised that as much as I love the pub - and as much as I'll look back fondly on my time here - it's a 24/7 commitment and I want to spend more of my time with my family."

He added he would always be particularly proud of the community spirit they had managed to create.

"We've managed to build a very vibrant and busy business which has really brought people in the community together.

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"We've done so much for charity, we've held regular events like quiz nights and we've formed a bowls club from scratch.

"I'll always be around - I'd just like to enjoy future events rather than being the one to plan them." 

The leasehold costs £27,500 and has six and a half years remaining.

The venue has a consistent net turnover of £500,000 a year and comes with a beer garden and a three-bedroom flat on-site.