A helicopter was seriously damaged in an accident at Norwich Airport. 

A report published by the Air Accident Investigation Branch revealed that the aircraft crashed at the airport on return from a flight on the morning of November 13.

As the 2012 AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter taxied to the parking area, the 35-year-old pilot hit a lamppost after confusing the airport's ground markings.

Eastern Daily Press: Sketch of taxi path provided by commanderSketch of taxi path provided by commander (Image: Air Accidents Investigation Branch)Neither of the two pilots aboard were injured but all five main rotor blades were damaged.

Impact damage was also made to the lamppost, leaving debris scattered around the area.

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Safety changes were made after the investigation found that the pilot, who was unfamiliar with Norwich Airport, had confused the perimeter line for a taxiway line, leading him to take the wrong path. 

Eastern Daily Press: The markings were described as having poor definitionThe markings were described as having poor definition (Image: Air Accidents Investigation Branch)The ground markings were also described as having "poor definition" and both lines were painted the same colour yellow. 

The stands were resized for different helicopters in the early part of this year and new surface markings were painted. 

Pilots unfamiliar with the airport now have a marshal to help them park.