The Greens enjoyed a good day as they gained seats from Labour on Norwich City Council, but the ruling party did enjoy victory in their 'dirty tricks' dogfight with a former member.

The results mean that the authority ended the day where it started it - with Labour the largest party but with no overall control, after it gained and lost an equal number of seats.

The biggest winners were the Greens who picked up seats from their rivals in Wensum and Mile Cross.

Labour, however, took back two seats they lost in the autumn when an internal row saw a group of councillors leave the party to sit as independents.

Eastern Daily Press: Tense moments as the Mile Cross vote was countedTense moments as the Mile Cross vote was counted (Image: Denise Bradley)


The closest contest was in Town Close ward, the scene of a bitter campaign which saw allegations of dirty tricks and even the police called in.

After a recount, Labour candidate Chris Smith was declared the winner over Ian Stutely, one of those who defected to become an independent last autumn.

On the eve of the vote, police were asked to investigate an official Labour leaflet which said Mr Stutely had been accused of "unacceptable personal behaviour".

In the end, Mr Smith emerged with 1,481 votes, while Mr Stutley received 1,432.



Mike Stonard, Labour's leader of the council, held onto his Catton Grove seat with a majority of more than 600, receiving 1,078 votes.

He said he was just "satisfied" with his party's results.

He added: "It's been a good day in many ways, it's a disappointment to have lost a few seats but I respect the view of the electorate.

"We remain the largest party and people clearly want us to be in charge."

Eastern Daily Press: Council leader Mike StonardCouncil leader Mike Stonard (Image: Denise Bradley)

Labour won back seats in Town Close, formerly held by Mr Stutely, and Lakenham, which was previously held by Rachel Everett.

She left the Labour Party in the autumn to sit as an independent alongside Mr Stutely, and did not stand in this election.

Carli Harper, the Labour candidate in Lakenham, was victorious with 1,433 votes. 

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Labour emerged from the election with 19 seats - one short of the 20 required for an overall majority on the council.

The only parties to take any new seats were Labour and the Greens. 

The Liberal Democrats held onto James Wright's Eaton seat with 2,027 votes. 

The ward also had the highest turnout of voters, with nearly 50pc of people living in the area taking to the polls. 

However, the party had little success elsewhere. Helen Arundell, standing for the party in Sewell, won 75 votes, while Neil Hardman, standing in Mile Cross, received 74. 

However, the independent group suffered the greatest losses, surrendering their seats in both Town Close and Lakenham.



Charlie Caine, Green party candidate, took Mile Cross from Labour with 1,016 votes and a majority of 68.

Eastern Daily Press: Charlie CaineCharlie Caine (Image: Denise Bradley)

He said: "I am absolutely delighted. Mile Cross has traditionally been a Labour stronghold.

"I think some of the Labour councillors there who do great work, but in some areas they need to do better. I think people know how much I care about the community."

Toby Bolton, 28, secured Wensum for the Greens. Both members will be brand new faces on the council.

Eastern Daily Press: Toby BoltonToby Bolton (Image: Denise Bradley)

Mr Bolton said he was "pleasantly surprised" by the result. He won the seat with 1,395 votes, and a majority of 335. 

Martin Peek, who had been the Labour councillor for the ward since 2019, received 1,060 votes.

The Green's success came on the same day it secured a breakthrough in South Norfolk, where Suzanne Wateridge became its first member on the council when she won the Bunwell by-election in a result which robbed the Conservatives of its overall majority on the authority.

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This year's elections also saw members of Reform UK stand for election at City Hall for the first time.

Nick Taylor, Reform UK candidate for Crome ward, said the party was hoping to build its national profile through the local elections.

He said: "Next time we will be standing in every ward in Norwich.

"We’re focussed on getting recognition ahead of the general election. We have limited resources when it comes to campaigning locally.

"But we’ve got to start somewhere. People underestimate Reform UK - and they underestimate us in this election too."

The party did not win any seats on the council.

Eastern Daily Press: Stephen Bailey and Nick TaylorStephen Bailey and Nick Taylor (Image: Denise Bradley)

Mr Taylor received 260 votes in Crome, while his colleague in Mile Cross, Stephen Bailey, received 153.

Mr Bailey said he was simply "laying the groundwork" for the party's future in Norfolk. 

Carl Hicks stood for Reform UK in Sewell, receiving 105 votes, while Eric Masters stood for the party in Wensum, receiving 137.


Town Close:

Chris Smith (L) 1,481

Ian Stutely (Ind) 1,432

Mary Chacksfield (C) 445

David Fairbairn (LD) 188

Rejected/spoiled: 18

Majority: 49

Turnout: 43.66pc


Gary Champion (G) 1,667

Paul Guille (L) 878

Georgi Dimitrov (C) 128

Carl Hicks (Reform UK) 105

Helen Arundell (LD) 75

Rejected/spoiled: 23

Majority: 789

Turnout: 36.9pc


Lucy Galvin (G) 2,205

Michael Howard (L) 1,260

John Fisher (C) 159

Philip Jimenez (LD) 125

Ben Clarke (Communist Party) 122

Rejected/spoiled: 26

Majority: 945

Turnout: 46.84pc

Thorpe Hamlet:

Ash Haynes (G) 1,288

Jane Overhill (L) 1,142

Alice Burt (C) 332

Jeremy Hooke (LD) 121

Rejected/spoilt: 21

Majority: 146

Turnout: 36.11pc


James Wright (LD) 2,027

George Heaney (L) 860

Jane Saunders (G) 518

Iain Gwynn (C) 496

Rejected/spoilt: 13

Majority: 1,167

Turnout: 49.23pc


Emma Hampton (L) 1,212

James Hawketts (LD) 637

Sean Gough (G) 487

Cody Butler (C) 170

Rejected/spoiled: 24

Majority: 575

Turnout: 27.75pc


Carli Harper (L) 1,433

Ell Folan (G) 452

Robert Hammond (C) 302

Carol Chilton (LD) 151

Nicola Aldous (Ind) 124

Rejected/spoilt: 19

Majority: 981

Turnout: 31.51pc


Toby Bolton (G) 1,395

Martin Peek (L) 1,060

John Ward (C) 158

Eric Masters (Reform UK) 137

John Ward (C) 158

Gordon Dean (LD) 82

Rejected/spoiled: 28

Majority: 335

Turnout: 33.4pc

Mile Cross:

Charlie Caine (G) 1,016

Jasper Haywood (L) 948

Stephen Bailey (Reform UK) 153

Edita Szabo (C) 145

Neil Hardman (LD) 74

Matty Watson (Ind) 42

Rejected/spoiled: 14

Majority: 68

Turnout: 30.26pc


Martin Schmeirer (G) 1,579

Stuart McLaren (L) 675

Jane Fisher (C) 211

Alan Wright (LD) 88

Rejected/spoiled: 22

Majority: 904

Turnout: 32.58pc


Sue Sands (L) 1,201

Rebeka Jones (C) 342

Oliver Springate-Baginski (G) 226

Sean Bennett (LD) 172

Rejected/spoiled ballots: 7

Majority: 859

Turnout: 27.45pc


Adam Giles (L) 1,260

Tod James (C) 396 

James Killbery (G) 344 

Nick Taylor (Reform UK) 260 

Nigel Lubbock (LD) 105 

Rejected/spoiled 14

Majority: 864

Turnout: 28.58pc

Catton Grove:

Mike Stonard (L) 1,078

Simon Jones (C) 470 

Tony Park (G) 423 

Ian Williams (LD) 129 

Rejected/spoiled ballots 20

Majority 608

Turnout: 27.72pc