A project to bolster flood defences in the Norfolk Broads has been approved.

The Environment Agency has been given permission by the Broads Authority (BA) to raise the crest and flood bank along a section of the River Yare near Reedham.

The work is necessary due to the bank sinking and cracks beginning to appear at two different points over the last eight months following a period of wet weather and frequent flooding.

Eastern Daily Press: The location of the flood banks which are to be strengthenedThe location of the flood banks which are to be strengthened (Image: Google)

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Water voles have had to be relocated to avoid the river-dwelling mammals being harmed due to the work. 

The improvements to the site, which is located in Reedham Marshes on the western bank of the River Yare, may require a footpath closure of Wherryman's Way for the work to go ahead.

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This is to be investigated further by the BA after the matter was raised at a planning committee meeting.

Chairman Harry Blathwayt shared an anecdote of his experience in 2013, when the area suffered severe flooding, to highlight the need for the defences.

He said the surrounding marshland "played an important role in protecting Norwich" from being affected.

The application was approved with one abstention.