A jewellery shop owner says his business is being impacted due to a meat lorry blocking the storefront. 

Vaughan Parker owns Jewellery Unique near the Pit Lane car park in the centre of Swaffham.  

The area hosts the town market every Saturday and sees around 40 stalls arrive to sell goods from food to clothing. 

Eastern Daily Press: Nationwide Meats parked up in SwaffhamNationwide Meats parked up in Swaffham (Image: Vaughan Parker)

Nationwide Meats has been told by the council to park its lorry outside Mr Parker’s shop but he claims it is putting off customers.

"The lorry parks up at 6.30pm the night before completely blocking my business off,” he said.  

“It has taken away all my trade and it is just not even worth coming in. 

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Eastern Daily Press: The shop was opened by Mr Parker and his sisters more than 35 years agoThe shop was opened by Mr Parker and his sisters more than 35 years ago (Image: Sonya Duncan)

"I've had plenty of customers coming in and complaining, it is unbelievable." 

Mr Parker said he has closed on recent Saturdays due to the drop in trade. 

A spokesman for the Swaffham Town Market Committee said due to the success of the market it “can justify such a large stall”. 

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Eastern Daily Press: The view from Jewellery Unique on a SaturdayThe view from Jewellery Unique on a Saturday (Image: Vaughan Parker)"The normal view is obstructed but the meat van is now increasing the footfall into that area of the town and I would urge businesses in that area to take full advantage of these potential new customers." 

The committee also said the lorry is currently a casual trader and it is looking to move it into a spot in the marketplace when one becomes available. 

Mike Jacob from Nationwide Meats said he was “shocked to hear about these issues” and is “very concerned” if the firm is “affecting the livelihood of others in the area”. 

Eastern Daily Press: The car park in front of the jewellery business in Pit LaneThe car park in front of the jewellery business in Pit Lane (Image: Sonya Duncan)

"We enquired through all the correct channels through the council and got the relevant approval,” he said. “They advise us where to park and stand.  

"We are happy to work with anyone affected and would gladly look towards resolving any of the issues that seem to have arisen."