Young carers were offered a break from their supportive roles as part of a residential adventure programme.

Held by the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, the third 'Reach for the Sky' event saw 64 teenagers staying at Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre, near Thetford, for two days of outdoor activities.

The teens, who provide voluntary care for relatives dealing with mental health issues or who are themselves at risk, received support from carer organisations.

After completing a tree-top obstacle course, young carer Gabriella, 13, said: “I can’t even believe I’ve just done that.

Eastern Daily Press: Some 64 young carers enjoyed the woodland retreat Some 64 young carers enjoyed the woodland retreat (Image: Submitted)

"It’s amazing to have time for myself and get to do this.”

Howard Tidman, the event organiser, said: "I’m so proud we are able to support such an important experience for these young carers.

"I was a young carer myself and I recognise how much of that burden is hidden from society.

“Young carers often have poor life outcomes compared to their peers as they can spend less time in school, so it is important to encourage their aspirations with events like this."