A gang member from Norwich who stole luxury cars has been ordered to repay more than £370,000.

Jonathan Fearnley, 34, of Newbegin Road, was found to be part of a trio that took several high-value cars from the Broadland area.

The gang stole several cars including luxury SUVs, Range Rovers and sports cars, between April and July of 2022.

He was arrested and later convicted of charges relating to money laundering and conspiracy to steal motor vehicles leading to police seizing £40,000 in cash, watches, jewellery and a luxury SUV. 

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After his arrest, Fearnley's finances were investigated by the Eastern Region Special Operations (ERSOU) as they attempted to understand how much he had earned.

He was found to have gained high-value items including a house and had money in bank accounts despite not having legitimate income.

At a Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) hearing at Norwich Crown Court on April 11, the court found he had benefited by £373,915.26 through criminality.

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The court gave him three months to pay the amount back or serve a four-year jail sentence and still have to repay the full amount.

Senior financial investigation manager Paul Fitzsimmons, from ERSOU’s Regional Organised Crime Unit, said: “We will maximise every opportunity we can under POCA legislation, alongside our colleagues in police forces, to strip those who seek to benefit from their ill-gotten gains.

“Fearnley’s lifestyle was the result of his criminal activities, and by utilising the legislation available, we endeavour to break the cycle of criminality to ensure that crime does not pay.”