A comedy show is being held at Beccles Public Hall, led by headlining act Gary Delaney.

Delaney, a Mock The Week regular and receiver of the Sony Award, is appearing at the venue courtesy of Shaft Of Wit Comedy, and it serves as a brief interlude while he prepares a new show for a 2026 tour.

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Delaney's recent show, 'Gary in Punderland', ran for almost three years and reportedly sold out at more than 200 locations.

The Beccles comedy gig planned for September 6 is one of two special shows on that night.

Full club-set performances will also be hosted by Duncan Oakley and Eleanor Tiernan, both of who are due to perform at Attleborough's Connaught Hall, before travelling to Beccles for their second performance.

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Promoter Kai Barron of Shaft Of Wit Comedy, said: "Tickets went on sale on March 31 and sold a staggering 210 tickets in just four days.

"My phone was buzzing and beeping with every sale, so much so that, I ended up having to put it on silent.

"Every comedy promoter dreams of putting on shows that sells this fast, I only wish all my other shows did the same."

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Audience members are requested to follow updates on the Shaft Of Wit website for detailed information about the upcoming events.

The comedy event is due to be held at Beccles Public Hall on September 6.

For additional information regarding bookings and details about all Shaft Of Wit events, visit the company's official website.