A church in a coastal town has been broken into twice in two weeks with charity cash and holy items taken.  

Great Yarmouth Minster Church in Church Plain was first broken into overnight between March 29 and March 30 and then again on Friday night.  

On both occasions, the suspect broke in by smashing a window at the back of the church. 

Reverend Simon Ward said the stealing of holy items has upset the community and the damage has created a burden for volunteers. 

Eastern Daily Press: A service of thanksgiving at Great Yarmouth MinsterA service of thanksgiving at Great Yarmouth Minster (Image: Denise Bradley)

"They've caused considerably more damage financially from having to repair the window than the meagre amounts of small change they'd get from a donation box,” he said. “The reality is it creates a burden for volunteers who must chase up insurance companies and find people to come and make repairs. 

"They also took some of the holy things from the church - the bread and wine which has been blessed and kept reserved and some of the holy oils. 

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"Several people got quite upset then because that's the stuff that is actually more precious to us.” 

Police arrested a man in his 40s from Great Yarmouth on Sunday in connection with the burglaries. 

Eastern Daily Press: Reverend Simon Ward is the Rector of Great YarmouthReverend Simon Ward is the Rector of Great Yarmouth (Image: Denise Bradley)

He was taken to Great Yarmouth Police Station for questioning and has been released on bail until July 11. 

Despite the “hurt” caused by the burglaries, Mr Ward said the incidents demonstrated the "kindness and generosity" of people in the town. 

"So many people in Yarmouth feel hurt by the fact that a place they consider special and important to community life has been violated,” he added.  

"I take comfort from those responses and the expressions of understanding and empathy and I want to thank all the volunteers that are helping to put everything right. 

"There's a lot of good people out there who just go ‘I'm going to help you put that right’ and you really see the true kindness and generosity of people."