The five-week closure of the Heartsease roundabout in Norwich begins this weekend.

The roundabout will be shut from all approaches from this Saturday until May 18.

Here is everything you need to know.

Why is it happening?

While closed, the entire roundabout will be resurfaced as part of a wider £4.4m safety improvement project.

The broader project includes a realignment of the roundabout to make it easier to navigate, as well as changes to the lanes to help reduce driver confusion and hesitation.

There will be one clear lane around the roundabout, with a single-lane entry and exit on each arm to reduce speeding and zebra crossings for pedestrians and cyclists on all arms of the roundabout.

Which roads will be closed?

Plumstead Road, St Williams Way and Heartsease Lane will close on Saturday for the first time since work started last year, joining the existing closures on the Harvey Lane and Plumstead Road East arms.

The existing closure on Margeston Avenue will also remain in place until work is completed.

Between May 3 and May 8, access to Aldi will only be available via Plumstead Rd and drivers must exit via Harvey Lane.

Norfolk County Council has said it will not put up diversion signs for drivers as they believe this could lead to confusion.

People have instead been told to navigate their way through the surrounding side roads.

How will bus services be affected?

First Bus services 23 and 23A will be diverted via Hilary Avenue and Borrowdale Drive and services 24, 24A and 24B will be diverted via Harvey Lane.

Service 33 will continue to follow the existing diversion route via Gordon Avenue and Thunder Lane.

Temporary bus stops will be signed on the ground and buses will serve stops along their diversion routes to help keep people moving while the closure is in place.

How will homes and businesses be affected?

Last month, Norfolk County Council bosses acknowledged it will be "very inconvenient" for those in the 28 homes and 17 businesses which will be affected.

But County Hall officials said the nature of the resurfacing work meant it was not possible to provide safe ramp access given differing road levels.

Homes and businesses in Heartsease Lane, Plumstead Road, Harvey Lane, St Williams Way and Plumstead Road East will be affected at various times for between four and eight days out of the five weeks.

The council has sent 3,000 letters out to make people in the area aware of the work, which was originally due to be done over the Easter holidays but was delayed.

Officers have asked families and businesses to find a "safe, legal alternative" at the times when they cannot drive cars onto their properties.