Neighbours of a city hotel who are being dazzled by "Vegas-style lighting" throughout the night have called for the illuminations to be dimmed. 

The Earlham Hotel at 2-6 Earlham Road, formerly called the Cathedral Hotel, has come under fire for its glaring outdoor lighting.

The hotel has a chequered past and previously came into the spotlight following reports of drug taking and prostitution at the property. The lights were fitted last December in order to tackle ongoing issues with anti-social behaviour.

However, local people have complained the street is now lit up from "dawn till dusk" and say the lights are unnecessarily bright.

Lucy Galvin, Nelson ward councillor, said: "I spotted the lights blazing on my way home one night earlier this year and couldn’t believe my eyes. Residents have raised this with me too and I have been investigating, as they have pointed out that it is a waste of energy and could disturb wildlife.

"These Vegas-style illuminations are along the entire front of the hotel. It looks like bright white strip neon and is out of keeping in this mainly residential area. I hope we can work with the owners to tone it down or turn it off."

Eastern Daily Press: Green councillor Lucy Galvin outside the Earlham HotelGreen councillor Lucy Galvin outside the Earlham Hotel (Image: Lucy Galvin)READ MORE: Battle over advertising board at busy roundabout rumbles on

Ms Galvin approached officials at City Hall to see if they could intervene, but was told nothing could be done.

Council officers said: "The light in question would have to be shining into windows to create a nuisance and we could not take action on the way the light looks or the fact people can see it from their house."

Eastern Daily Press: The Earlham Hotel, previously known as NR2 Hotels, before the lights were put upThe Earlham Hotel, previously known as NR2 Hotels, before the lights were put up (Image: Google Maps)They added that planning permission was not required for the installation of the lights.

Aduham Nawzil, the building manager, said: "We haven't received any complaints from residents but I am happy to listen if people want the spotlights taken down. 

"We've had a lot of issues with people sleeping outside and don't have as many problems since the lights were put up. I'm open to suggestions and don't want issues with our neighbours."