A driver who ran a red light before crashing into and injuring a cyclist has kept his licence.

Rourke Boulton, 23, was on his way to work when he knocked the cyclist off their bike at lights on Norwich Road in North Walsham on September 14 last year leaving them with cuts and bruising. 

Norwich Magistrates’ Court was told quantities of cocaine, ketamine and cannabis were discovered in his Ford Fiesta.  

Boulton, of Abbey Park in Beeston Regis, Sheringham, pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and possession of class A and B drugs.

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Natasha Baker, mitigating, said he did not accept he had been speeding and had gone through a red light as he did not believe he had time to stop. 

“He saw the cyclist but was unable to stop in time but he immediately checked on their welfare,” she added.

She said he had been self-medicating with cannabis and ketamine at the time but had since sought help.

Magistrates handed him five points on his licence to add to three he already had. They also ordered he pay fines and costs of £930 and £600 compensation.