Bar owners have been granted a full licence to operate despite concerns over noise and people urinating outside.

Silas and Daisy Rayner's application for The Mayfair coffee and cocktail bar in Bungay has been approved by an East Suffolk Council licensing committee meeting.

There were 25 formal representations made in favour of The Mayfair coffee and cocktail bar having its licence approved and four objecting to it.

The meeting lasted over three hours as all evidence was heard, and two Bungay town councillors, Ken Lodge and Dave O'Neill, voiced their concerns about the application.

Eastern Daily Press: The Mayfair, in BungayThe Mayfair, in Bungay (Image: Denise Bradley)

Residents who live on Broad Street also spoke against the application, referencing issues they experienced during the two weeks the bar operated in December before the district council revoked The Mayfair's then temporary licence.

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The primary concerns the meeting heard were about noise from the bar - such as music, general "chit-chatter", "doors opening and closing", and the behaviour of "intoxicated people" and how users of the bar "overspill" into the neighbouring Brandy Lane.

It was said that cigarette butts and vomit were found in the lane and people urinated there when the bar was previously opened, with fears of this worsening being expressed.

Mr Rayner has plans to build a side entrance and exit in Brandy Lane to prevent noise on Broad Street and these were questioned by the councillors and neighbours in the meeting.

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He reassured the concerned parties he had no intention of making the lane a "desirable place to spend time" and said he was mitigating the noise concerns with the plans.

Eastern Daily Press: Silas Rayner pictured at the Santa's Grotto created in December which attracted more than 350 visitorsSilas Rayner pictured at the Santa's Grotto created in December which attracted more than 350 visitors (Image: Denise Bradley)He also told the hearing that the bar was a "beautiful and comfortable place" for the people in the town, he said it was widely accepted and the Santa's Grotto he opened during the day last December at the site attracted more than 350 visitors.

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The licencing committee were convinced the applicant was going to act responsibly to ensure he mitigates the concerns and the licence was approved subject to amended opening hours.

The coffee section of The Mayfair can operate between 10am-6pm and the bar area from 6pm-11pm, rather than midnight.

Amendments to the building outlined in the plans will be subject to a planning application and listed building consent approval and were ruled irrelevant to the granting of the licence.