Drivers faced heavy delays after a lorry crashed into a wall in Norfolk's "bottleneck village" this morning.

The crash took place at the bend opposite the Esso petrol station in Coltishall at around 7.30am.

Eastern Daily Press: Crashes are not uncommon on the tight bendCrashes are not uncommon on the tight bend (Image: Adam Barker)

Police blocked the road at around 8am but traffic was still able to flow slowly by diverting around the petrol station.

Officers left the scene at 9am.

Eastern Daily Press: Traffic built up from the Esso petrol stationTraffic built up from the Esso petrol station (Image: Thomas James Grant)

Despite the tight corners and narrow roads, Coltishall is increasingly becoming a bottleneck for huge volumes of traffic travelling between Norwich and a large area of north Norfolk. 

In the morning rush hour, the road is largely used by people travelling towards Norwich for work, but there is no let up throughout the day, with farm vehicles and HGVs frequent users.

Eastern Daily Press: Police temporarily blocked off the roadPolice temporarily blocked off the road (Image: Supplied)Queues of lorries crossing the bridge in both directions can bring traffic to a standstill. 

Larger vehicles often have to mount pavements to make it around tight corners.