Women and girls have reported being made to feel intimidated by a masked man they say has been following people around a market town.

Locals in Bungay say he is always in the same outfit of a dark top, green combat trousers and green wellington boots, with a hood and black mask almost completely covering his face.

The man has been spotted several times in recent months walking from Earsham to Bungay and doing loops around the town itself.

In recent weeks, however, there have been a number of reports from women who say the man has been tailing them, walking closely to them and making them feel intimidated.

Eastern Daily Press: A photo of the man who is said to be following women and children in BungayA photo of the man who is said to be following women and children in Bungay (Image: Bruno Brown)

One woman, in her 20s, said she was on Beccles Road on Tuesday when she saw the man approaching her from the opposite direction.

She walked past him, crossing the Kent's Lane junction and continuing on Beccles Road.

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The man turned around behind her and followed behind her in the same direction.

She said: "It was really weird. I felt really scared and was just about to call my dad when a friend happened to drive past and saw me.

"He pulled over and I got in his car, much to my relief." Eastern Daily Press: The man walking along Hillside Road East in BungayThe man walking along Hillside Road East in Bungay (Image: Bruno Brown)Other women have recounted similar experiences on Facebook.

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Police said they had been contacted about the man by the mother of a schoolgirl who said she had been followed by the man on two occasions.

A spokesman for the force said: "I can confirm that police did receive a report (in respect of the girl).

"Although it cannot be proven whether or not this individual was deliberately following the girl concerned, she has been spoken to by officers and has been given appropriate safety advice and told to call 999 if ever she felt threatened."

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A source at the local council said that the man is thought to be the same individual who had been found sleeping in the roofspace of the public toilets on Priory Lane last year.

Eastern Daily Press: The public toilets behind the Factory Shop in BungayThe public toilets behind the Factory Shop in Bungay (Image: Bruno Brown)

A spokesman for the council said: "There was a brief period last year when a local person was found to be sleeping in the public toilets located in Priory Lane.

"Once again the matter was reported and attempts were made by council staff to engage with the person.

"There is no access to the roof space from the public areas of the toilets in Priory Lane, which are secured from 6pm to 6am on a daily basis."

Eastern Daily Press: The man walking past the co-operative in BungayThe man walking past the co-operative in Bungay (Image: Submitted)