The family of a former government climate advisor who died after falling from a taxi on the NDR have paid touching tribute to him following his inquest.

Christopher Sidle died in July last year at the age of 51, during a period of psychosis.

An inquest into his death concluded last week and heard there were a number of missed opportunities to provide him with mental health support.

Following the conclusion of the hearing, his sister, consultant neurologist Katie Sidle, led tributes to her brother.

She said: "Chris enjoyed a wide range of interests including creative writing, poetry, languages, learning guitar, philosophy, Buddhism and chess.

"Chris had a sparkling mind - he would unearth connections in everything he read. A poet in thought, deeds and words.

"Chris was a loving son and took time to help at home. He was perceptive to other people's needs and enjoyed the company of his parents, enjoying home-cooked food and the support of family.

"After Chris died, we came across an old note dating back many years, entitled 'How I would like to be remembered'

"The list read:

  • Raised a family
  • Helped others
  • Promoted tackling climate change
  • Promoted good mental health
  • Promoted kindness
  • Promoted tackling poverty
  • Looked after my family
  • Wrote useful books
  • Influenced government for better

"The list epitomised Chris's deep sense of moral duty that guided him from day to day.

"He may not have raised his own family, but he was a much-loved uncle to many nieces and nephews, offering piggyback rides and putting thought and care into presents.

"Chris was a dear son, brother and friend, who put the needs of others ahead of his own without resentment or desire for reward."

Mr Sidle suffered from his first period of psychosis in 2011 and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but for long periods of time managed this with medication.

But in March 2023, he began to experience the same patterns of behaviour - but several attempts to access crisis care were rejected by the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

Backing calls for a public inquiry into the region's mental health services, Dr Sidle added: "We will never know for sure what triggered Chris to relapse last year.

"But he fell through the gaps in the mental health system - and then he fell from a car.

"Chris has left behind a family that love and miss him dearly.

"His steps that thud no more, his books that lie unread and his mugs of tea that rest unpoured leave a lingering sense of absence that embraces without touch."

Who was Christopher Sidle?

Eastern Daily Press:

Mr Sidle was born on April 16, 1972 in Redbridge, but at the time of his death was living in North Walsham.

Growing up, he excelled both academically and at sport, as a talented runner who won races across the county and beyond.

He studied physics at Oxford and competed in pentathlons during his time at university.

After graduating he went on to study atmospheric physics at the University of East Anglia, as well as studying in Grenoble and France and Berne Switzerland.

When he returned to the UK he worked as a climate change advisor to local governments and set up a 'sustainable schools initiative' to install solar panels to school buildings and raise awareness among children.

His mental health began to deteriorate in 2011, however, forcing him to stop working.

However, he continued to dedicate himself to social change, through volunteering, fundraising and supporting charities.

In the months leading up to his death, while living with his parents in North Walsham, he had started attempts to return to work.

He died on July 4 in Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, three days after suffering brain injuries during the incident on the NDR.