Barns no longer needed for farming could provide extra storage space for businesses.

Oykel Farms has been given planning permission to convert the buildings at Heath Farm at Great Bircham, near King's Lynn.

In a planning statement, a representative said since turning its operations organic in 2021, it needed fewer farm machines to work its holding.

"This, in turn, has freed up significant areas of covered storage and workshop space which is now not needed for the large-scale, organic arable farming carried out by the business," the statement said.

"This application seeks to put buildings at Heath Farm to good use. Re-use of existing structures is considered to represent a sustainable approach to the existing infrastructure at the site, and will help support a number of small local businesses who need exactly the kind of large-space dry storage that these buildings can provide."

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The statement added the conversion would generate extra revenue for the farm, while a local marketing campaign had shown "significant interest from local businesses".

A planning officer's report said that the application was "a farm diversification scheme" and the reuse of buildings in the countryside for employment purposes was in accordance with its policies.

It said the vehicles using the proposed storage buildings would "typically be smaller than the modern farm machinery" and that the hours of operation would be "more consistent and less anti-social".

It added: "Conditions are recommended to ensure that no outside storage takes place, in the interests of the amenities of the locality and to ensure that the parking, turning and manoeuvring areas are available for that use."

No objections to the scheme were received. Plans were agreed on condition development begins within three years.

The council also stipulated goods should not be stored or displayed outside of the buildings.