Police have closed off a property in Great Yarmouth after a string of incidents including fireworks being thrown at the house.

The house in Kent Square has been issued a Closure Order, a court order that restricts who can enter the address.

Any person not registered who enters the property is to be dealt with as a criminal offence.

This comes after police were called to several offences at the property including theft, assault, noise, criminal damage and fireworks being thrown at the property.

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Beat manager to the area, PC Dale Chusonis, thanked members of the public for their courage in speaking up about the problems, and for allowing police to support them with the powers available to the force.

This order was put in place from March 19 and will last for three months.

A spokesman for Great Yarmouth Police said: "This helps to reduce problems for those living in the area, emergency and support services, and the occupants themselves."