Plans for a new warehouse on an industrial estate have been put on hold pending investigations into a riverside village lost to flooding more than 700 years ago.

Ravago Building Solutions has been given planning permission for the building on its site on Estuary Road, at King's Lynn.

But an archaeological survey of the site must be carried out before work begins to check for ancient remains.

In its decision notice, West Norfolk council said: "No development shall take place until an archaeological written scheme of investigation has been submitted to and approved by the local planning authority in writing.

"The development shall not be brought into use until the site investigation and post investigation assessment has been completed."

A planning officer's report said the site lies within the site of the former medieval village of North Lynn.

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"The village church was washed away in 1271 and the last ruins dismantled in the 17th century," it added.

"Archaeological excavations in the 1950s and 1960s found the church and remains of other buildings.

"Cropmarks associated with the settlement remains and other features were visible before most of the area was built over."

It adds there is "potential" for archaeological remains to be present on site.

Previous investigations in the area have unearthed tiles, pottery fragments, stained glass and window leading, along with evidence of industrial activity.

Remains of medieval buildings have also been found nearby.

Ravago, which makes insulation panels for the building trade, said in a planning statement the 1,900 sq m building would be sited on an unused area of grass.

"The building is essential for the running and growth of Ravago Building Solutions on this site and should be granted approval," it said.