Priority for employment and no further development until a plan to resolve traffic congestion is devised were two ideas supported at a town's parish meeting.

The town council assembly was held in Dereham at the memorial hall on March 19, and locals came along to set the agenda, speak, report, present and ask questions.

Along with the public were town councillors, and figureheads, such as people from Aboutdereham, Dereham Blues Festival and the town’s heritage trust.

Eastern Daily Press: The Deputy Mayor of Dereham, Councillor Linda Monument chaired the meetingThe Deputy Mayor of Dereham, Councillor Linda Monument chaired the meeting (Image: Breckland Council)

The deputy mayor of Dereham, Linda Monument, chaired the meeting.

Among the agenda were several proposals supported by locals, including the want to see future developments located within realistic walking distance of most services and facilities, and that the provision of employment land in Dereham should be a priority in the Local Plan.

The parish meeting agreed that no more development should occur in or around Dereham until a plan to resolve traffic congestion has been agreed, funded and delivered.

This was voiced by councillor, Philip Morton, who was speaking as a member of the public.

While the vote "does not compel any authority to act", it provides an important democratic process and helps raise the profile of particular issues for the parish.

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Eastern Daily Press: Philip MortonPhilip Morton (Image: Philip Morton)

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Morton said: "The traffic situation could be better, and we've had various developments added to the housing stock, but it has yet to bring forward any improvements to the traffic infrastructure," he said.

"There has been talk of a new roundabout at Tavern Lane which never arrived.

"We need to have a plan, maybe we don't need the infrastructure built, but it needs to be planned and have a good chance of being funded.

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Eastern Daily Press: Dereham Memorial Hall Dereham Memorial Hall (Image: Archant)

"We've had piecemeal development, rather than a coherent plan."

The meeting then received presentations from Mike Webb, chairman of aboutDereham, Doreen Aitken, founder of Dereham Blues Festival, Reverend Paul Cubitt, Rector of St Nicholas' Parish Church, Peter Wade-Martins, chairman of Dereham Heritage Trust, and Ken Hawkins, chairman of Dereham Walkers are Welcome.