A man suffering a "drug-induced psychosis" sparked an armed police response after he walked into a busy supermarket, picked up two kitchen knives and brandished them outside.

Leon Bello, 32, selected two knives from the Asda store in Hellesdon before removing them from the packaging and going outside with the weapons, standing close to the main entrance.

Eastern Daily Press: The Asda store in HellesdonThe Asda store in Hellesdon (Image: Newsquest)Norwich Crown Court heard Bello, who had taken crack cocaine a couple of days before, had the weapons in either hand for about 15 to 20 minutes as customers at the shop - which was about 70pc full - came in and out.

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich Crown CourtNorwich Crown Court (Image: Peter Walsh, Newsquest)Jude Durr, prosecuting, said police received at least 12 999 calls during the incident on September 27, 2022, and there were efforts to evacuate the store by the rear doors.

Armed officers and the police helicopter were deployed, but Bello later put down the knives, went back into the shop, picked up a bottle of beer and started drinking it.

Bello, of Station Road, Aylsham, appeared in court on Monday, when he admitted two counts of possession of a bladed article, affray and theft.

He also admitted criminal damage in relation to another occasion, in December 2022, when he entered a property in the middle of the night as he "convinced himself he was being chased".

He caused £1,000 of damage to some doors before calling police.

Jonathan Goodman, mitigating, said Bello previously had a good job but "the grip of class A drugs overtook" him.

He said Bello was suffering from a form of psychosis at the time of the events, thought to have been brought about by his drug use.

Recorder Michael Turner said Bello had been in a "self-induced drug psychosis" at the time of his offending, meaning his ability to formulate intention was impaired.

Imposing a two-year prison sentence, suspended for two years, Recorder Turner said: "If ever there was a lesson of the evils of class A drugs and what they can do you're the living embodiment of it. They have quite literally wrecked your life."

Bello was also ordered to complete up to 30 days Rehabilitation Activity Requirement (RAR), a 12-month mental health treatment requirement and a six-month drug rehabilitation requirement.

He was also ordered to pay £1,000 compensation